In 2023, how do you repost on Tiktok?

how to repost on tiktok

TikTok introduced a Repost’ button back in 2022, but what exactly happens when a stoner gates on it? The idea of reposting on TikTok is analogous to what is offered by other social media platforms. For illustration, Twitter druggies can retweet someone differently’s tweet, while Facebook allows druggies to partake in other posts from other accounts to their profile for their musketeers to see. Indeed Instagram has a point that enables druggies to partake in posts and rolls to their Stories. Given that utmost social media apps have a repost or reshare option, it’s no surprise that TikTok followed suit.

When druggies decide to repost a TikTok, the videotape is likely to appear on their followers’ feeds. Only musketeers of the stoner can see the reposted videotape, which is limited to accounts that the stoner follows that also follow them back. preliminarily, TikTok only allowed reposts on vids from the For You Page, but now druggies can repost any videotape on TikTok. Whether a videotape is ridiculous or has important information, reposting is the stylish way for druggies to partake in it with all their followers.

How To Repost A videotape On TikTok

To repost a videotape on TikTok, open the app and find the videotape in question. Tap the share( arrow) icon at the bottom right of the screen and select the unheroic button with white arrows that say’ Repost.’ Tapping this button will repost the videotape. The repost won’t appear on the stoner’s profile but can appear on their Musketeers’ For You Page. Like other social media accounts, the content is credited to the original creator and is simply being born through the stoner.

After a videotape has been reposted, the stoner’s profile picture will be displayed above the original creator’s name. druggies will also have the option to tap on the Add comment button, which will display their comment over the reposted videotape. When a stoner adds a comment to a reposted videotape, it also appears in the comment section of the original videotape, where other druggies( and not just the stoner’s followers) can view it.

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TikTok also allows druggies to undo a repost. The system works the same way as reposting, with the stoner tapping the share button on the videotape and also’ Remove Repost.’ still, there are some caveats. When a stoner reposts a videotape on TikTok, it can begin appearing in their followers’ feeds incontinently, so they will need to undo the repost snappily. also, since the reposted videotape does not appear on a stoner’s profile, changing the reposted videotape in question can be tricky, unless a stoner knows exactly which regard it was from.

Reposting a videotape on TikTok is simple and effective, and it has formerly changed how druggies interact on TikTok. While some druggies had complained that the repost button had faded from their accounts, that was probably due to TikTok still testing the point. The report button has since rolled out extensively on TikTok, and it looks like the point is then to stay.